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Looking for authentic, delicious and inexpensive food in Hong Kong? You have come to the right place! Tasting Hong Kong is a non-profit online dining guide for foreigners in Hong Kong. Check out the guide section for a list of our favourite restaurants. We have also prepared some downloadable freebies in the misc section. Thank you for visiting our website. Please enjoy your stay and we hope you would find the information helpful.

About Jiralocas

We are Jiralocas - a group of students studying Spanish and English in The Community College of City University of Hong Kong. The name Jiralocas is combined with two Spanish words: 'jirafa', which means 'giraffe', and 'loca' which means 'crazy'(feminine). As giraffes prefer to eat the greenest and freshest leaves from the treetops, we also favor delicious food, because we don't just eat to live, we live to eat. We therefore think that we are like giraffes, except on top of that, we are also a bit crazy. Thus conclude our earth-shattering name - Jiralocas - 'a bunch of crazy giraffes'.

Logo of Jiralocas

Members of Jiralocas:
Sonia Lee, Estrella Kwan, Vina Shum, Ester Leung and Estela Shang.

About Tastin-HK.com

This website is part of our bilingual project, a free dining guide in Spanish and English for foreigners in Hong Kong. The guide focuses on authentic, delicious and inexpensive Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong that are seldom introduced to foreigners, but are in fact very popular among the local people. Our aim is to promote these restaurants, as well as real Chinese delicious food to more foreigners. At the same time, we would also like to promote learning Spanish(language) in Hong Kong.


This project and website is proudly supported by The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, and is approved by The Community College of City University as a bilingual student project of AABCS(Spanish & English) 2008.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce


The Community College of City University

First, we would like to thank Ms. Maria Jose, our beloved lecturer and project supervisor, who has helped us a lot throughout the process. You have been doing so much more than you should have! Then, we would also like to thank Mr. Borja Sanchez, the General Secretary of The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, who has been very supportive to us and to our project. Last but not least, we would also like to thank all the friends that have helped us with our project, such as Gary, Peekay, Howard, Jorge, and all the friends that had completed the surveys for us. Thank you very much!


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